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Join our Apprenticeship Program

Reed City Group offers the ideal alternative to modern-day college or schooling: a full-scale state certified Journeyman’s Apprenticeship Program, offering apprenticeships in Mold Building, Control Panel Building, and Process Engineering. Our program focuses on providing students with on the job training, while reinforcing educational learning simultaneously at ZERO cost to the apprentice. Over 8,000 hours of on the job training, and 576 hours of education training are fully paid for. Once our apprentices receive their state-certified Journeyman’s card, they’ll receive a competitive raise in wages and a full benefits package after 90 days. Interested? Let us know. Call 231.832.7500, or email

At Reed City Group, Culture is a priority.

We are a company that values culture and place a significant emphasis on creating a positive work environment for its employees. We organize a variety of extracurricular activities and events for our employees – such as social events, volunteer work, and team building exercises!

Reed City Group even has multiple families with multiple generations still working here! Our team strives to drive a fulfilling environment, where your career is welcoming. RCG company values the contributions of each employee and recognizes their unique strengths. Give us a call to learn more about what it means to be a part of a great atmosphere at Reed City Group!