Plastic Machining


Dedicated CNC machines for plastic machining.

Our CNC team is able to produce thousands of set ups in under 24 hours. Several of our machines have 5 axis capabilities, with up to 30,000 spindle speeds. These machines create highly engineered parts with tight tolerances and surface finishes down to .25um.

Post process capabilities in house for machined plastic.

Reed City Group utilizes CO2 cleaning technology for plastic bi-product removal, ensuring the same level of high standard for each part. We combine strict testing via our Hexagon CNC-CMM, with strict quality processes, like Gamma-Irradiation, flow meter pressure testing, and Isopropyl baths, the machined plastic products, you can be sure you’ll receive consistency in quality every time.

Devoted machined plastic assembly staff.

Our staff inside of our Class 8 clean room space is on standby for those products that require additional post-production assembly, with continued strategy development.

Ready to move from machined metal to machined plastic?

Give the Reed City Group team a call to learn how machined plastics can benefit you. Machined plastic parts often have a greater resistance to corrosion, produce a high level of cost savings, and are lighter in weight.