Mold Build and Manufacturing

Mold Building

Mold Building for Plastics and Silicone

Reed City Group excels in producing high-quality and precise molds for a wide range of injection-molded plastic and silicone parts. As a company founded on mold building services, our team of highly skilled mold makers and machinists specialize in every aspect of the mold production process – from design to full tryout and in-house sampling. Combining old-world craftsmanship with the latest machining technology, we maintain superior workmanship and attention to detail to ensure on-time delivery of the perfect mold for each client’s needs.

Full Service One-Stop Shop

We offer professional service that extends beyond the initial mold build. Our experienced Project Engineers and Program Managers, who have a background in mold design, machining, mold making, and injection molding processes, provide responsive support from the initial design concept throughout the lifetime of the mold. With our longstanding expertise in the Life Sciences and Medical fields, we are dedicated to delivering exactly what our customers need.

Tool Trials for our Customers

Our team will trial your molds at our facility saving time, cost, and additional resources that would normally be needed for tool trials. We can handle your trials for plastic injection molds, and silicone vertical/horizontal molds at a wide range of complexities